keep your keys and your school spirit

The Keyllegiate Tracker

Always misplacing your keys? Can never find your phone? If so, our customizable college styled key trackers are perfect for you!


The Keyllegiate Tracker is packed with helpful and easy-to-use features.

Customizable design

All Keyllegiate Trackers are custom tailored to you! College logos, Greek letters, sports teams, initials — you name it and we make it!

Key finder

The main use of the Keyllegiate Tracker is its easy-to-use key finder. Find your keys at the touch of a button!

Phone Finder

The Keyllegiate Tracker can also serve as a phone finder. Just click the tracker to ring your phone so you can easily locate it!


If your keys disconnect from your phone, our accompanying app will drop a pin on the map. This allows you to see where you last had them.

Disconnection notification

If your keys go out of range, our app will send you an alert. Be proactive and never leave without your keys again!

Powerful Battery

We use a powerful battery that lasts 6 months on average. We include a replacement battery, allowing for an additional 6 months usage.

Get Your Customized Tracker

Stop losing your keys and phone today! Simply let us know how you would like to customize your Keyllegiate Tracker and follow our easy checkout process with Venmo, PayPal, or a credit card.

Design (Link to your image)
Design (Link to your image)

Download Our App

Setting up and using your new Keyllegiate Tracker is a breeze with our intuitive app! Download the app, follow the simple instructions that came with your Tracker, and you’re good to go! From now on, anytime you lose your keys just open the app to ring or track them.

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